Consumer Credit Counseling Service
A Non-Profit United Way & NFCC Agency

Financial Counseling & Debt Management Programs

We are a nonprofit, United Way, HUD approved financial counseling agency providing services to meet your complete financial needs. We do not loan money; we assist you in meeting your financial goals through counseling and education.

Certified Consumer Credit Counselors are professionally trained to provide a comprehensive confidential evaluation of your finances, create a realistic budget to reduce unnecessary spending and ensure financial obligations are met, create a realistic Debt Management Plan to consolidate debt, and provide you with viable options to overcome your housing and financial issues.

Financial Counseling Services

Debt Management

A Certified Consumer Credit Counselor will review your financial information at no cost or obligation to you. After complete evaluation, your counselor will provide you with options, resources and if your budget permits, a repayment plan to consolidate your debts may be worked out with your creditors. You will then make regular deposits to CCCS and, in turn, we will forward payments on your behalf to your creditors to obtain concessions such as reduced or waived finance charges and penalty fees.

Click here to fill out our Confidential Worksheet (a paper version of this worksheet can be obtained by contacting us or downloaded) to begin the counseling.

Budgeting Assistance

Meet with a Certified Consumer Credit Counselor to establish a realistic budget to organize your expenses, find creative ways to reduce or eliminate unnecessary spending to free up money to dedicate towards debt liquidation, savings or housing.

IRS or Student Loans

Do you owe taxes to the IRS? As part of our Advocacy Program in cooperation with the IRS, our counselors can establish a repayment plan, completing all required paperwork in our offices. We can also assist you in paying off student loans or provide consolidation information.

Credit Report Review

We do not change or 'repair' credit (no one can), but your Credit Report Review can inform you of your rights and steps you can take to remove obsolete or inaccurate information and how to build and improve your credit history. Credit problems don't happen overnight and can't be fixed overnight.